Thank you all for your years of patronage. While we’ve had to close our doors, we will never forget all the good times we had with everyone. We hope to debut a new restaurant in the same space at 3410 11th St NW this summer. See you again soon!



The origins of Kangaroo Boxing Club stretch back almost a decade. In a small house in Ann Arbor, MI filled with drunken college kids, an argument was born. “I could beat a kangaroo in a boxing match, no doubt”, the man said. We all thought he was nuts, but he continued to try to convince us for years until the day he tragically passed away. The Kangaroo Theory has become the definition of the great conversation you have hanging out with friends after you’re a couple of drinks down at the bar. No googling, Wikipedia entries or Encyclopedia Britannica can decide the match. One must use their wits, their knowledge, their creativity. At Kangaroo Boxing Club, we aim to provide a setting to have those great conversations. Oh, and really good food, cocktails and beers, too.



The KBC Team